Service Transformation and operational resillience

A number of industries now operate in a low growth economy, with little immediate prospect of an improvement in organic revenue expansion. In some areas, low growth also reflects structural shifts in consumer preferences. Against this backdrop, for some the route to retaining your competitive edge will be to innovate, for others it will be to make acquisitions, for all of you it will be to run lean and cost-effective operations.

Our approach is based on the on the following principles:

(Insights: For many of our clients their service delivery has become a standard USP, attracted more growth consequently and naturally created cultural change!)

We have recently helped clients on projects ranging from a 360° analysis of the underperforming global operations of a leading financial service business, including management and leadership functions, to driving specific cash generation improvements at a single poorly performing manufacturing facility, to restructuring service delivery at pace to meet unprecedented, unexpected demand.

We have proudly completed 24 Major Service Transformation Programmes (and counting)

Organisational Design

Your operating model is central to all your organisation’s activities. Rethinking your current processes and aligning them with your strategic needs and those of the wider market drives cost savings, creates scalability, and creates efficiencies to make your operating model future – fit and resilient.

The need to adapt your operating model may result from changes to people, processes, systems, skill sets, location, operational demands, and macroeconomic factors.

We offer tailored solutions and a multi-disciplinary team of transformation programme managers and functional area experts to drive the most value from transformation. We can lead the process from inception to close while having full visibility of all activity within, inciting confidence in our stakeholders. 

Our services cover the full transformation lifecycle and include advisory and management of the following:

Project and Programme Management

Defined and robust project and programme management are vital for planning and delivering successful and sustainable change and achieving business outcomes. You need the right foundations to successfully deliver initiatives from inception through to completion. You can get guidance and value-adding insights, including independent recommendations, from our expert teams: driving richer conversations, challenge, and resolutions.

How we can help:

Activ8 Solutions

PMO (Project Management Office)

The organisation and management of a transformation and change engine room, commonly known as a project management office (PMO), is key in driving forward and embedding change. Done right it’s an active value-add function for your organisation and provides time, perspective, and steer to your leadership team, ensuring they’re equipped with information-enabling effective decision making.

How we can help:

Service Transition

We have a breadth of service transition experience delivered across multiple global locations and configurations.



We work with many clients, often during our service transformation service, to develop their service strategy and use of expertise to manage service transitions.

Our experience extends to post pandemic transition delivery- delivering service transition across global locations remotely, significantly reducing the costs associated with travelling for our clients.

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