Setting your ambitions on the right course, helping you achieve your full potential

At Activ8 Solutions we help you boldly set your change ambitions and clearly define your future course with confidence through insights-driven business and strategic advisory and consulting.

Creating a path for future growth and sustainable value

Organisations are facing constant change, from increasing levels of disruption to changing human behaviour and technological advancement across all industries

Over the decade, Activ8 Solutions has built a solid foundation of global business consulting services across multiple industries. We work side-by-side with our clients to help them transform into customer centric enterprises, providing expert advice at every stage of their change journey.

Our team will support you in future-proofing your business models to drive increased value through customer experience, whilst improving operational efficiency.

Using our successful outcome-driven approach enables you to respond to a broad range of challenges. We identify, quantify and prioritise strategic and tactical initiatives to yield maximum value in data driven and customer centric environments.

Why Activ8 Solutions?

Our Expertise

Broad industry expertise in over 15 Industries consulting on and delivering complex transformation.

Our Approach

Delivery and Support through knowledge transfer to ensure transformation sustainability, with pragmatism in understanding your needs and tailoring our approach accordingly.

We are not a traditional consultancy. We deliver Fast Track Validation of evidence- based transformation opportunities that’s gives you the power to make effective decisions on your next steps quickly.

On Average we have delivered 24% operating cost efficiencies through our transformation approach.

Our People

Wide perspective on how transformation will impact your entire organisation, with a team of proven capability with valuable real-world perspectives and insights.

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